Raima Sen: I’m always a richer person after a trip

Actress Raima Sen tells Shikha Jain that she sometimes travels in disguise as well

 Mountains and Maldives

I am basically a mix of a mountain and a sea kind of a person. I love the water. It’s such a leveller and I also love the solitude that the mountains can bring into our lives. It depends what I need at a particular time. I love Maldives. I love Seychelles. I also like the north east part of India. So yeah, all in all, a healthy mix of both sea and the mountains.

Broadening horizons

My innate need is to open up my mind more and more every time and to create experiences. Travel is the best way to achieve that. I love talking to people, understanding their challenges, and sensibilities. I like the way they live and the experiences that come with it. I am always a richer person after a trip.

Planning is vital

I would ask for the weather for sure before travelling. I try and understand the geography of the place as it helps me to discover the place better. And when I am at the destination I like taking a backpack and exploring the place better. I try not to get into my comfort zone with a guide or a touring party and vehicle and that kind of stuff.

Place takes over

I love travelling with friends and family but, at the same time, I reserve some places to travel solo and I sometimes go in disguise as well!

Staying connected

Yes, while travelling I try to indulge in some digital detox, but not for long. I like being connected to my fans and my audience. I feel I owe a part of me to them because of the love they have showered upon me. So I try and not overdo the digital detox phase. I have gone off the grid: switching off your phone, no updates on social media sites and things like that, but not for a long period of time.

List of bests

The best would be Santorini, Seychelles, Maldives and maybe London. Nothing has been the worst for me. Everything has added to me being a better person and an updated person. Every place and its expanse has only added to me.

Light is right

I travel light. I try and stay light always. I can even travel with a backpack for more than a month.

Beating jet lag

Try and take a long cold water shower and go for a nice walk. Erase the thought that you have jet lag and go and explore.

Lots on the list

There are a lot of places on my bucket list. A lot of cuisines to try… To explore some amazing cafes and above all, meet a lot of wonderful and amazing people and I am sure the world is full of them!

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